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Algebra 1

According to the publisher’s website: “The goal of UCSMP Algebra is to act as an introduction to the language of algebra, and the ways it is used in the real world, while integrating geometry, probability, and statistics with a variety of approaches and uses of contemporary technology.”  My goal as the teacher is to make the material covered in the textbook make sense and to ensure that no concept gets left behind.  Future study will hinge on a student’s understanding of this foundational material.

Pre-AP Environmental Science

Environmental Science is the study of the physical world around us and the interaction between humans and our environment.  This environmental science course will provide students with the knowledge base to understand the world and the impact humans have on it, learning skills in analysis and problem solving, that will allow the student to think critically about their own impact on the earth and what humans as a species must do to protect our planet. The major topics covered are: a basic introduction to environmental science, ecology, populations, water, air, and land, mineral and energy resources, and our health and future.

The course serves as a precursor for students planning on taking the AP Environmental exam. There are plans of offering AP Environmental Science for the 2018-2019 school year. For specific information please contact Kristen Lauria directly.